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surreal and horrifying . . . mouth is a collection that sinks its teeth into you. . .

mouth ushers readers into a world filled with poltergeist roommates, haunted houses, reality-shifting anomalies —and women who seek to know the world, ghosts and all. this is a stunning and original collection.

— laura van den berg, author of 
i hold the wolf by the ears and state of paradise
— michael welch, chicago review of books

ghosh’s mouth holds within it eleven excellent examples of spectral fiction where a hair-raising premise provides not only a fun read, but also allows entry into necessary feelings of grief, desire, loss, love, and alienation.

— misha rai, kenyon review

puloma ghosh is the high priestess of horny women who long for death... mouth holds you in the strange liminal spaces of the near future and lets you look around, fending off and falling in love with the lonely, beautiful, lost creatures. 

when ghosh is on fire, her prose is incandescent with the heat and bite of personal conviction

. . .  a formidable debut.

— alexis ong, reactor
— jamie loftus, author of raw dog

these stories are insidiously terrifying, cunning & deeply empathetic — with mouth, ghosh has offered us a master- class in surrealist short fiction, bound to haunt its readers long after they’ve put down the book.

— olivia gatwood, author of 
whoever you are, honey

puloma ghosh has conjured a wholly original literary exploration of loneliness, eroticism, loss, grief, and the ghosts of the heart — a human haunting for which there is no exorcism.

— libba bray, #1 new york times bestselling author

ghosh is a witch with words. she’s in a dark covenant with our greatest writers who aren’t afraid to explore the horrors and joys of womanhood: samantha hunt, mariana enriquez, kelly link, angela carter, carmen maria machado, helen oyeyemi, shirley jackson.

ghosh shows incredible range, imagination, and depth of feeling with this first collection. a unique set of stories that show the promise of a bold new voice.

kirkus reviews

these stories will unsettle and fascinate in equal measure . . . mouth introduces readers to puloma ghosh’s unmatched ability to probe the visceral depths of female pain, desire, and grief.

— alice martin, shelf awareness

ghosh sharply draws the contours of her invented worlds and evokes her characters’ insatiable desires with vibrant imagery . . . these stories effectively sustain a sense of the uncanny.

— publishers weekly

ghosh’s stories reveal a promising, jagged new literary voice.

— leah von essen, booklist
— molly mcghee, author of 
jonathan abernathy you are kind

this surreal collection of stories will blow your mind. 

— adam vitcavage, debutiful
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